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Book Club

the Next Meeting is on friday, November 17th during flex

We will meet during Flex on Friday, November 17th to discuss the book, If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin (description below).  If you want to participate, look for the signs around school and fill out the Google Form using the QR code on the posters.  You can also email Mrs. Pearson if you'd like to be added to the DPHS Book Club email list (

 If He Had Been with Me

From Amazon:

If he had been with me, everything would have been different…

Autumn and Finn used to be inseparable. But then something changed. Or they changed. Now, they do their best to ignore each other.

Autumn has her boyfriend Jamie, and her close-knit group of friends. And Finn has become that boy at school, the one everyone wants to be around.

That still doesn't stop the way Autumn feels every time she and Finn cross paths, and the growing, nagging thought that maybe things could have been different. Maybe they should be together.

But come August, things will change forever. And as time passes, Autumn will be forced to confront how else life might have been different if they had never parted ways…

What is DPHS Book Club?

Description: We are a group that likes to read and discuss the latest books.  It’s a low-key, student driven group. Members help decide what to read and drive the discussion around the book of the month. 

Eligibility Requirements: None

Time Commitment: Meetings are approximately every 6 weeks during a Flex session.  Upcoming dates: Nov. 17th, Jan. 5th

Procedures for joining: Email Mrs. Pearson to be added to the email list and fill out the Google Form to attend the meetings

Activity Time Period: You can participate any month that works out for you.  

Membership Limit: None

Mrs. Pearson in the LMC