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SWANK Movies

Students must have a direct link to a movie, given to you by a teacher, to access this resource. 
The username and password to log into Swank movies that you have been assigned to watch are:

  • Student Username: DPHSStudent
  • Student Password: Student1

If you get a 403 error: You may receive this error when trying to log into the streaming portal because you were provided with an incorrect link for the movie. The URL you are attempting to access should end in the word "direct".  If that isn't the case, ask your teacher for a Direct Link to the movie, not the page URL you may have received. If you are still unable to access the movie, please clear the cache and/or cookies on your computer then power off and back on. If you have tried all of this and still can't access the movie, please email your teacher, Mrs. Pearson or IT help.

Staff: there is a link to access this resource under Staff/Classroom Resources and Links.  If you don't remember the username and password, email Jill Pearson.  Once you find a movie you want to share with students, you must share the DIRECT LINK or students will not be able to access it.  

If you have a request for a title not currently in the database but available through Swank (you see the title but we don't "own" it) click Request and complete the form.