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Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship - Learn. Earn. Grow.

De Pere offers a robust Youth Apprenticeship program, providing opportunities for students with a wide range of interests. Take a moment to watch the introduction video above. 

For a more detailed description of Youth Apprenticeship, please see the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship website. Youth Apprenticeship is for junior and senior students.

Each December, an informational meeting is held to give interested students more information about the Youth Apprenticeship program. Watch the High School announcements and read your emails for notification of that meeting. The application process opens in the spring in an effort to get students placed in jobs before summer begins.

Here is the link to the 2023-2024 Application. Once a student applies, the student will be contacted for an initial interview with Mrs. Corey Wollin, our school-based Youth Apprenticeship coach. Job placement is reviewed. Some students already have jobs lined up that fit within the program, while others need help finding those placements. Either way, we are happy to work with students to get them prepared for success. Ensuring the employer is willing to meet the requirements of the Youth Apprenticeship program, which include an hour requirement and evaluations of the student, is the most important part of the process.

Once employment is secured for the student, an Education and Training Agreement form must be completed by the student, parent/guardian and the employer. The student submits the agreement to Mrs. Wollin at the High School, and work can begin immediately.

Contact Mrs. Wollin through her school email YA coach She is happy to answer questions from students, parents or employers.