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Attendance FAQs

If your student needs to leave for an appointment during the school day, or, will be absent for the day/several days, please call/leave a message on the attendance line 337-1020, then press 1 as early as possible. This will help to avoid classroom interruptions. The message can be left at anytime including outside of school hours.

You do not need to sign your student out/in. Once they get a pass from attendance, they are able to leave the building. When they return, they simply stop by the attendance office with their original pass to have the return time filled in. 

Always ask your health care provider for a “school excuse” slip. That way the absence will be recorded as exempt. This is for any medical appointments including, doctor, dentist, orthodontics, dermatology, counseling, etc.

If your student has an unexcused absence in a class, you will receive an alert via an automated message. Keep in mind that this does not always mean your student missed class. If you or your student believe you received this message in error, please send your student to the attendance office for clarification.